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Posted by soveda on September 8, 2008

The curious incident of the delayed gunshot:

Some more idle musing, the great beard himself maintained for a long time that Han Solo never shot first. Those of us with long(ish) memories disputed this and the recent limited edition releases of the proper Star Wars trilogy with the untampered with films as an added extra proved us right! However the recent films are fairly average fare with significant amounts of tripe, cheese and sacharine. The taste left in my mouth when Darth Vader (Darth Vader mind you the most evil menace the universe has seen other than his master) wakes from his surgery and screams, well whimpers “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” about the death of his lover/wife destroyed any remenants of menace the character had.
When voicing the opinion that Episodes I-III are a bit rubbish really people point to the following: “They are for kids”.
So what, children can pick out rubbish acting, poor dialogue and atrocious character development as well as anyone else, more so. Besides if they are for kids why the ridiculously complicated back story about trade blockades etc etc etc
Are films aimed at kids all simplistic and dire? Well, no of course not, exhibit one: The Princess Bride – wonderful film, an almost perfect combination of exciting action for the boys, romance for the girls, knowing jokes for the parents and a rolicking story for everyone.
Exhibit two: Toy Story – similarly viewable on many different levels and enjoyable to all the famly.
three: Walace and Grommett : the curse of the were-rabbit.
Are our memories of childhood viewing always through rose tinted specs? Is Goonies still a romp? Is Ghostbusters as good as the memories?
Sometimes I want to keep the memories rather than the truth, having said that the ten-year old inside me still loves all of the things he did before so they can’t have been that bad.
Well, other than Krull that is.


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