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The obfuscating nature of electrosmog

Posted by soveda on October 6, 2008


I thought I had dreamed this but I found it on the “Today” website , at about 6:45 this morning I heard an interview about phone masts and electrosensitivity. Now this has been blogged at length by others, notably here,  but I was struck by the folowing exchange:

When asked if he would take part in a blinded study of electrosensitivity the gentleman who was expounding the view that phone masts etc were the cause of ill health said: No because there have been studies showing 100% concordance.



Now I find that very hard to believe, not impossible but very hard. I would like to ask Mr Bevington for his data please. Double blind trial data that is not anecdote, case study or unblinded.

There is some data contradicting Mr Bevington such as this study from Colchester University, or this systematic review (PDF), or This one in the BMJ , or even this one published this year.

I await the data with bated breath.


3 Responses to “The obfuscating nature of electrosmog”

  1. Dr* T said

    I would suggest taking up a hobby while you wait. It may be some time…..

  2. soveda said

    Do you really think so? What sort of person would present claims without foundation on the radio?

  3. JQH said

    When Panorama did that scare-mongering broadcast last year, they featured a woman who claimed to be so electrosensitive that she had to line her house with aluminium. In a provocation study, her ability to tell whether a microwave source was on or not appeared to be little better than chance.

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