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MMR again

Posted by soveda on January 23, 2009

So the Lancet have published another paper on MMR, and this time it’s not Wakefield, well sort of.

Here it is: Measles in Europe, It’s behind a paywall so lets look at the press reporting.



This quote cheers me (my bold):

In a Lancet comment article, experts said the UK was only recovering slowly from the unsubstantiated scare that the MMR vaccine was linked to autism

But where is the coverage in the tabloids?

Daily Mail – Again mentioning the unfounded fears, nothing to do with the red-top press at all…

The Sun – can’t find it…

Daily Express – not here either.

Why? Nothing to do with their part in the fears I am sure…

But what do you know, the hoax begins again here, I won’t blog in detail because it has been done nicely here and here.


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