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The least worst option

Posted by soveda on February 20, 2009

This post was triggered by a comment about bpsd (behavioural problems and symptoms in dementia) made by The Shrink author of the Lake Cocytus blog (follow the link and read it is a great insight into life as a consultant psychiatrist). Much of what The Shrink writes echoes with me as I have had eerily similar experiences in my practice.

I made a decision when I started blogging to focus on evidence and legislation rather than clinical cases when I started and I’m not going to change that when others do the clinical blogging better than me. Having said that one of the biggest (if not the biggest) challenges presenting to the psychiatrist working with dementia and brain injury is that of so called “behavioural disturbance” and “wanderi

Edit: the rest of post appears to have disappeared into the ether, I will reinstate it if I find my musings elsewhere!


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When MMR attacks (or LBC and Jeni Barnett, what were you thinking?)

Posted by soveda on February 6, 2009

Just a very quick post, Ben Goldacre has been threatened by LBC’s lawyers fro infringement of copyright.

The copyright in question is to do with an episode of Jeni Barnett’s show which was frighteningly ill informed and further scare mongering about MMR. As I’ve blogged previously, the data about MMR does not show an association with autism and never has.  The events have been blogged by other already, Holford watch, jdc, Anthony Cox (Black triangle) amongst others, click on the links on this page to read their posts. You will find more links in their posts.

All this when the data shows that measles cases are increasing and therefore the risk of serious sequelae including death are also increasing. Well done LBC for stifling debate, the internet is a scary thing when geeks get riled isn’t it.

Mind you it’s all good publicity isn’t it? Well isn’t it?

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